Custom Websites, 

Branding &

Graphic Design.


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I'm Bitsy.

I develop websites that look beautiful and are easy to navigate. (Jargon: UI/UX)

I create a solid back-end so that you show up easily on Google and other search engines. (Jargon: SEO)

I create a cohesive look that you can easily implement in your printed pieces. (Jargon: Branding)

I believe in empowering my clients to be able to edit their websites on their own. (Jargon: Training)

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This is my face.

I figure I should put it here since I don't meet people in person. Why? It saves my clients money, increases my productivity, and ensures I have proper work-life-work balance. If you want to see my face in public, you'll have to cross your fingers it happens by chance. Otherwise, it's emails, phone calls, and the occasional zoom.