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Label Design

No matter what style of label you're wanting, we can handle it. From the canning line to product design to wine bottle labels, we've seen and done it all.

Pricing always (always) varies based on what you're looking for. But for most clients, initial label creation is in the 2-4 hour range. If you need several labels, but updates are small (name/ABV/ingredient list changes only), you're looking at 15-30 minutes for each individual label change on top of the first design. If you want different artwork for each label, still probably in the 2-4 hour window for each.

Key tips:

> Send us the print template from the manufacturer first! If you tell us a size, and it's the wrong size, we will have to make slight adjustments. Those slight adjustments take us time and cost you more.

> When you send that print template, also get us content at all once. Make sure you verify governmental requirements BEFORE we start design. We design for all industries. Since every industry is different, you will want to make sure you know what must be included and at what size.

> Everything is charged by the hour, so while we are happy to show you several concepts up front, that will add to your costs. We recommend having us design one idea. If you love it, we move forward. If you don't, we draw up another one. 85-90% of the time, our clients love the first one!


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