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Understand Web Design Timeline

Overall: Timeline can be 10-20 weeks. (If I am working with a board or multiple people, add 4-10 weeks.)

Getting on my Schedule

Once your contract and deposit is received, that is when you enter my design schedule. Sometimes, you're plugged in within a few weeks for starting. Other times, I might be a month or two backed up. This is not because I'm sitting around leisurely sipping coffee and enjoying naps. This is because I am fortunate enough to work with many individuals and businesses who need my services. Timelines are longer when I have a lot of projects in my schedule.

Once I'm on Your Schedule, Then What?

When content is received in full (answers to the questionnaire and/or your own content, any photos you need, logo in high res format, and everything else I've requested), it is usually 2-4 weeks until a homepage proof (desktop view only) is provided.

If there are revisions, that can add time - generally a few additional days or longer depending on back and forth.

Once the homepage proof is approved, it is another 2-4 weeks for a full website proof (desktop only).

If there are revisions, that adds time depending on how much back and forth there is. Sometimes a few days. Sometimes several weeks.

Once the full website (desktop only) proof is 100% approved, I will make sure the website is perfected for phone/mobile viewing and that SEO (Google search optimization) is finalized. This usually takes a few days to a few weeks.

How do I get my website online?

Once we have a final approval of the website (desktop/mobile), I will send your final invoice. Once paid, I will transfer the website to you so that you are the owner. Once you are the owner, you will pay for hosting directly to Wix. Once that is done, we will schedule a training which will be held and recorded over Zoom so that you can learn how to edit your site and process your online orders. It is recorded so that you can reference it in the future when you are making updates. I am always here to help after our training, though - at my hourly rate.

When training is complete, I will help you get your website connected to your domain name on the same day. Generally, we do this at the end of training together.


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