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Write My Blogs for SEO

I am going to try to make this EASY for you. We will have covered this on training, but this is a little text tutorial (with pictures) to follow as well. I have a super quick bullet list at the bottom, too, if you just need a refresher!

SEO Part 1: Write about ONE thing.

A great client experience. A specific part of a service you offer. A resource for your clients that they will actually use. Write about something that you are an expert in so that it's EASY to keep up with your blog. You can absolutely hire a content writer (I have referrals if you need them!), but you can also do this stuff yourself. Don't over-think it! Just keep up with it! 1/month is perfect! If you can swing 2/month, do it.

Make sure you do your custom SEO parts. DO. NOT. SKIP. THIS.

SEO Part 2: Every photo needs the SEO done.

Explaining how to do good Wix Blog SEO with image of Custom Websites, Branding & Graphic Design white text on a black background for Bitsy Plus Design Website

Click on your picture and click the little gear. Add alt text that says exactly what is in the image WITHOUT LYING. Google and other search engines can sniff this out easily. Just don't do it. The AI knows.

The alt text for the above photo says "Explaining how to do good Wix Blog SEO with image of Custom Websites, Branding & Graphic Design white text on a black background for Bitsy Plus Design Website." Notice that it's a whole sentence that's explaining what's in the picture?

Let's say you have a picture of your client smiling after receiving your services. You can say "Happy [Business Name] customer in the [City] office smiling after they [Service]" for your Alt text.

Leave the caption alone if your blog already references what's happening or if it's just a stock photo. But still fill out that alt text!

Turn off expand mode. Turn off download option. UNLESS you are adding a gallery and are a photographer or a visual artist of some sort (floral, painter, etc.). In that case, turn on expand mode so people can really immerse themselves in your work.

SEO Part 3: Do your SEO Settings.

SEO Wix Blog settings are highlighted to showcase the SEO basics in the SEO settings including the Title Tag, the Meta Description and the SEO Patterns

First things first here, make sure you have a pattern turned on so your website will always say your name at the end of the post. I have already done this for you if I designed your blog! Essentially, it will auto put your business name at the end of your blog title.

Shorten the title tag if needed. "Write My Blogs for SEO" is perfect! Nice and short and easy to read. Plus, you can see the whole title without the "..." happening. Let's say your actual title is "10 Quick and Easy Tips for Your Wix Blog SEO." Part of that is getting cut off. Change it to "Easy Tips for Your Wix Blog SEO" or "10 Tips for Your Wix Blog SEO." Make sure you can see the whole title in the preview.

Change the meta description. Wix auto pulls the first bit of content from your blog. Which is fine...but it's not great for SEO. Try to put the main concepts from your article in the first two lines that are previewed on Google. OR try to feature your business name and/or an important person in your office.

Meta Description highlighted on Write My Blogs for SEO article by Bitsy Plus Design showcasing how to shorten your metadescription for better SEO results

An example for what I could change the meta description to for this article are "Learn website SEO tips for your Wix Blog in this article from Wix Partner Bitsy McCann of Bitsy Plus Design." which fully fills those first two lines. Then, I just copied and pasted the rest of the article up to the 500/500 characters it allows. I used 498/500 just because I hate the idea of not having a complete thought.

For those two highlighted lines, keep in mind that you want EVERYTHING that's the most important in there for 1/people to want to read your blog and 2/what you need Google and other search engines to know first.

SEO Part 4: Put all important headings as "Heading 2."

Highlight of Heading 2 in Wix Blog Article showcasing how to use the feature

This is just a quick way for the bots to know the main ideas in the article so they know how to classify you better. If you don't have headings, add some in! Try to think about people who will just skim your information. How can they quickly move through your blog to figure out where they want to read. Feel free to use this article as an example! All the parts are different things that people might need to know. Do the same with yours.

Quick Blog SEO Checklist

  1. Write about one thing.

  2. Add alt text to all photos.

  3. Create a pattern so your website/business name is at the end in your title tag.

  4. Shorten title tag if needed.

  5. Rewrite meta description in SEO settings.

  6. Make "Heading 2"s happen!


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